From Courage to Freedom: Frederick Douglass's 1845 Autobiography


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In this EDSITEment unit of three lessons, students read Frederick Douglass's 1845 slave narrative, "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Written by Himself." They analyze Douglass's vivid first-hand accounts of the lives of slaves and the behavior of slave owners to see how he successfully contrasts reality with romanticism and powerfully uses imagery, irony, connotative and denotative language, strong active verbs, repetition, and rhetorical appeals to persuade the reader of slavery's evil. Students also identify and discuss Douglass's acts of physical and intellectual courage on his journey towards freedom. This curriculum unit incorporates primary source material from EDSITEment-reviewed Web sites. The curriculum unit introduces three individual lesson plans. Less

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    Grade: 9 to 12

    Topics: History-Social Science, Literature, United States History, English-Language Arts