Voting! What's It All About?


  • Aug 15 2010 7:51 AM

    Louise Bigham

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    Mary Kay Monson


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In this lesson, from ReadWriteThink, students both listen to information read aloud from a variety of sources and read from fiction and nonfiction books. Students explore information from current sources including child-oriented Web sites, newspapers, and magazines--all devoted to election and voting information. Students distinguish between fact and opinion, experiment with using persuasive writing, and create a "graffiti wall mural" to demonstrate what they've learned. This lesson touches on the history of voting, voting as a civil right, and current elections, while asking students to explore the difference between fact and opinion. Several pieces of literature appropriate for use with this lesson are suggested. Less

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    Grade: 3 to 5

    Topics: Reading Comprehension, English-Language Arts, History-Social Science