Exploring Free Speech and Persuasion with '"Nothing but the Truth"


  • Aug 13 2010 12:13 PM

    Mary Kay Monson

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In this lesson, from ReadWriteThink, after reading the novel "Nothing But The Truth," students discuss the protagonist Phillip and his right to free speech as well as their own rights. Students examine various Web sites to research First Amendment rights, especially as they relate to the situation in the novel. After their research, students compose a position statement regarding their opinion of whether Philip's rights were violated and then work with small groups to strengthen their statements and supporting evidence. Groups present their position statement and supporting evidence to the whole class and debate Philip's civil rights as a culminating activity. This lesson incorporates the Persuasion Map interactive activity. Less

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    Grade: 6 to 8

    Topics: English-Language Arts, History-Social Science, U.S. Constitution, Reading Comprehension