Building a Healthy Me


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This curricula includes six sequential, nutrition education lessons that introduce children to the food pyramid and a variety of healthy eating options. Lessons support California language arts and math curricula and align with widely used California state adopted text books including Houghton Mifflin Reading, Mathematics, and Science Discovery Works textbooks.

What’s inside: A teacher guide; student workbooks; parent brochures; multicultural food pictures; and poster.

Activity highlight: “Cafeteria Connections” contains seven activities teachers can use to bring nutrition curriculum to life by connecting classroom lessons to the cafeteria. Students take a cafeteria tour, explore nutritious foods provided by the cafeteria, discover how menus are made, and learn how to market healthier food options to fellow students.

Nutrition Competencies:
Kindergarten: 1a-c, (e)1f-h,2,5,7,8
(x)=partial addressing of the competency

Language: English and Spanish
Number of lesson plans: 6
Amount of time per lesson: 30-60 minutes
Estimated total time for lessons: 4.5 hours

Format: hard copy
Cost: FREE for California teachers ; also available for purchase for out of state

Cafeteria Connection: Yes
After School: Yes


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