What Should a House Do?


  • Aug 12 2010 7:23 AM

    Cort Mitchell

    This resource was matched by a member of the Brokers of Expertise Standards Matching Team.  Lesson can be used with grade 5 focused on Native American housing.

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This set of nine lessons, from EDSITEment, compares and contrasts the homes built by the first American settlers with those of the Native American peoples. Students look closely at the design, construction, and materials of at least one Native American house and one house built by European settlers. Students also think about their own homes--and even their dream homes--to begin to understand why houses are designed the way they are, and to appreciate what is essential and what is desirable in any house.

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    Grade: TK/K to 2

    Topics: History-Social Science, Engineering & Design, United States History, Visual Arts