Educating English Language Learners at the High School Level: A Coherent Approach to District- and School-Level Support


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The American Institutes for Research (AIR) and WestEd have completed a 5-year evaluation of the educational environment for ELLs in California under contract to the California Department of Education. The study found that there is no single path to ensuring high ELL achievement. However, the following practices appear to be more important contributors to success with ELLs than using a specific instructional model: Implementing a well-defined, rigorously structured plan of instruction for ELLs; Ensuring that teachers are skilled in addressing the needs of ELLs; Systematically using data to assess teaching and learning; and Regularly adjusting instructional planning based on student performance. Based on this study, successful approaches that may be useful in high schools across the country are highlighted in more detail in this education Brief from the National High School Center. Less

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