Unit 6: Growth and Development of a Community


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Standard 3: Students draw from historical and community resources to organize the sequence of events in local history and describe how each period of settlement left its mark on the land, in terms of:
1. the explorers who visited here, the newcomers who settled here, and the people who continue to come to the region, including the cultural and religious traditions and contributions
2. the economies established by settlers and their influence on the present-day economy, with emphasis on the importance of private property and entrepreneurship 3. why their community was established, how individuals and families contributed to its
founding and development, and how the community has changed over time, drawing upon primary sources (e.g., maps, photographs, oral histories, letters, newspapers)
Standard 5: Students demonstrate basic economic reasoning skills and an understanding of the economy of the local region, in terms of:
1. how local producers have used natural resources, human resources and capital resources to produce goods and services in the past and the present
2. how some things are made locally, some elsewhere in the U.S., and some abroad
3. how individual economic choices involve tradeoffs and the evaluation of benefits and costs
4. how pupils "work" in school develops their personal capital

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