Analyzing and Creating Infographics


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If you are not familiar with what an infographic is, it is a text that presents information/data along with visual representation. The students we teach are interacting with visual representation of data on a daily basis through social media. It is a way to connect the work we do in school to their lives in the world and give them the skills they need to accurately decipher the mountains of information they are exposed to on a daily basis. Infographics are also a highly engaging way to introduce students to civic issues and when students can create their own infographics they can share them through social media to create and mobilize civic action in their communities. This lesson begins by introducing the vocabulary words students will need to know to understand the infographic along with introducing students to what an infographic is. The next two lessons walk the students through two different protocols they can use to analyze the infographic. Once students have learned how to analyze an infographic they can then learn how to create their own. Having a student create an infographic is an engaging way to demonstrate their knowledge around content. This lesson was created for students with IEPs who struggle primarily with attention and working for extended periods of time. The lesson itself is very scaffolded so feel free to adapt it to whatever pace works best for your students.

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