Research and Blogging: Seedlings of Civic Engagement from the Classroom


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The following series of three units is designed to take place over the course of a school year. In the first unit, students will begin to consider the “problems and solutions” framework by reading and discussing a few contemporary issues and designing a mini-poster to raise awareness on those issues. In the second unit, students will give a brief speech on one issue. In the third unit, students will choose a contemporary issue and take action on it, presenting their results to their peers.

This plan is highly adaptable for different time frames and classroom considerations. While I found the year-long study to be effective, each of the units, with modification, could stand on its own.

I recommend that you plan and implement these units with another teacher, if possible. Because of the focus on contemporary issues, I spend a significant amount of time researching various topics and finding materials appropriate for my students. I share this effort with a partner teacher, and that collaboration makes the project much more feasible. Less

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