2. Bridging Standards, Assessment, and Instruction


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How can we extract and apply the lessons of Smarter Balanced
assessments while expanding the scope of classroom literacy
practices that engage students? Join us as two experienced
educators help connect daily instruction to College and Career
readiness. This webinar will begin with an examination of the how
Common Core State Standards are assessed in the Smarter Balanced
Comprehensive Summative Assessment. We will then follow the
implications of this assessment backward through classroom-based
interim assessments, into formative assessment cycles and
instruction. All this ensures tracing a clear line of sight from
daily instruction to the summative measure of progress towards
College and Career Readiness.

You will learn about:
- The architecture of Smarter Balanced summative assessments
- The implications for classroom-embedded interim assessment design
- Opportunities for rich and rigorous formative assessment

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    Grade: 6 to 12

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