Digital Mapping - Engaging Kids in Text Analysis (K-8): Unit of Study, Grade Five


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Slide 19 (Unit of Study) of Lewis et al.'s "Digital Mapping" PowerPoint bulletpoints the major foci of preparing a Unit of Study on any topic and in any classroom during the K-8 grade levels. This Word document is a sample of the Unit of Study slide being put into action in a fifth grade class, as it plans out each bulletpoint in clear and specific detail.

Learning Registry Activity


    Topics and Grades

    Grade: TK/K to 8

    Topics: English Language Development, Visual Arts & Performing Arts, Professional Development, English-Language Arts, Education Theory and Practice, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Science, Health & Physical Education, School Administration / Leadership, History-Social Science

    Resource Pedagogy

    Resource Type/Classification:

    • Professional Development Opportunities
    • Teacher Materials

    Tool for: Teachers, Administrators, Parents

    Beneficiary: Teachers, Administrators, Students