Math Assessment Project


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The Mathematics Assessment Program (MAP) aims to bring to life the Common Core State Standards (CCSSM) in a way that will help teachers and their students turn their aspirations for achieving them into classroom realities. MAP is a collaboration between the University of California, Berkeley and the Shell Center team at the University of Nottingham, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The team works with the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative and school systems across the US and UK to develop improved assessment. Less

Learning Registry Activity


    Topics and Grades

    Grade: 6 to Adult Learning

    Topics: Mathematics

    Resource Pedagogy

    Resource Type/Classification:

    • Reproducibles
    • Professional Development Opportunities
    • Student Materials
    • Assessments
    • Interactives
    • Reference Materials
    • Teacher Materials
    • Source Materials

    Tool for: Students, Teachers, Administrators

    Beneficiary: Students, Teachers


    Instructional Strategy

    Grouping: Individual Instruction; Small Group Instruction; Non-Graded Instructional; Heterogeneous; Large Group Instruction; Cooperative Learning Groups

    Teaching Method: Guided Listening; Questioning Techniques; Self Directed Groups; Interdisciplinary; Problem-Solving; Discussions; Writing; Skill Building; Direct Instruction; Hands-on Learning; Assessment; Cooperative Learning; Brainstorming; Self-directed Learning; Demonstration

    Assessment Type: Formative

    Special Needs Groups: Benchmark/at grade level; Academic reading at grade level; Intensive/far below grade level; Academic reading above grade level; English language learners; Students with disabilities ; Strategic/almost at grade level, needs strategic intervention; Advanced/above grade level; Academic reading below grade level