CSU Long Beach The Bell Gardens Science Partnership Final Report


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The Bell Gardens Science Partnership (BGSP) aimed to increase students’ science achievement while simultaneously improving their English language proficiency through a science/ELD blended program. The BGSP utilizes informal science institutions (ISIs) to enhance teacher content learning and attitudes toward science instruction. Like all programs in the 500 cohort, this is a school-wide program. In addition to student goals, the program has several goals related to teachers and the community.
• Increase teacher content knowledge in science
• Impact teachers’ science attitude and self-efficacy and improve teacher pedagogical skills
• Increase parent involvement and improve parent attitudes toward collaboration.
• Impact teachers’ perception of Informal Science Education Institutions (ISEIs) as PD sources

Learning Registry Activity


    Topics and Grades

    Grade: PS/Pre-K to Graduate

    Topics: Professional Development, Education Theory and Practice, Science, English Language Development, School Administration / Leadership

    Resource Pedagogy

    Resource Type/Classification:

    • Source Materials
    • Reference Materials

    Tool for: Teachers, Administrators

    Beneficiary: Teachers, Administrators