CSU San Bernardino Algebraic Learning for Elementary Grades: Results, Independence and Achievement! Final Report


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The four-year ‘Algebraic Learning for Elementary Grades: Results, Independence and Achievement!’ (ALEGRIA!) project was designed for a single elementary school that was designated as a STEM school the very year the project began in the Fall of 2008. The project aimed to close the achievement gap between English learners and the Caucasian students within the school district and across the state as a whole. The project planned to achieve its goals by enhancing the mathematics content knowledge and pedagogical skills of the teachers through professional development for all teachers and academic support personnel across all
grades in the school. Less

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    Topics and Grades

    Grade: PS/Pre-K to Graduate

    Topics: Professional Development, Mathematics, Education Theory and Practice, School Administration / Leadership

    Resource Pedagogy

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    • Reference Materials
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    Tool for: Administrators, Teachers

    Beneficiary: Administrators, Teachers