California Mathematics Project (CMP)


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The California Mathematics Project (CMP) should be the first resource considered for implementation of the CCSS in Mathematics and the professional learning educators need today. The CMP is a K-16 network dedicated to providing students a rich, rigorous, and coherent mathematics curriculum taught by competent and confident mathematics teachers who foster ALL students’ proficiency in mathematics—achieving equity in quality. CMP enhances teachers’ mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge that is aligned to the California Mathematics Standards and Framework. ALL teachers and students become competent mathematical thinkers as they investigate, conjecture, and justify. Less

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    Topics and Grades

    Grade: PS/Pre-K to Graduate

    Topics: Professional Development, Education Theory and Practice, Mathematics

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    • Source Materials
    • Teacher Materials
    • Reference Materials

    Tool for: Students, Teachers, Administrators, Librarians, Parents

    Beneficiary: Students, Teachers, Administrators, Librarians, Parents