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Kim Walther is one of Imperial County's outstanding mathematics educators. Her new web site was developed to work with students starting the 2012-2013 school year. Enjoy and feel free to contact me at if you would like to exchange ideas with Kim. Kim did tell me to pass on that her sight is a work in progress. You will be impressed with her progress at flipping a class. She also said, " I am learning and experimenting. I expect to get better doing the videos and am planning on redoing the ones I have done so far during my school breaks.

Also I have a list of things I have learned:
Other information I have learned in the process of creating different videos that might help someone in your workshops.

Videos need to be saved as MP4 in order to be viewable by all types of devices.

Explain Everything is the quickest and easiest app to create video if you don’t have anything to detailed to write. You can record and review each page as you complete it; which makes it easy to clean up anything you don’t like.

Explain Everything seems to have an incompatibility issue with drop box; uploading to drop box is glitchy. (an alternative is to save the video in MP4 to the camera roll and then upload to other areas such as drop box or you tube from there).

Educreations is not difficult but Explain Everything seems to produce a better end product.

Screencastomatic can be upgraded for only $15 which makes creating and editing videos so much easier and faster. This the program I am leaning towards using most often since my work is so detailed and I am able to write more legibly on the bamboo tablet in Power Point.

Saving to Screencstomatic saved video with java which is not universally seen by all devices. Saving as an MP4 to dropbox and then uploading to youtube, works best.

You tube can increase your youtube upload size *( due to content my videos run on average 20min – 30 ish min) you probably already know this but I have the link at home if you need it.

Schooltube: Saving to school tube has been like dumping my videos in a black hole never to be seen again. I don’t know why. We have two people from our school listed as administrators who can approve the videos to be posted but they don’t receive notification from schooltube that there is a request and once I upload my videos I cannot access them on school tube unless the admin approves it. Vicious cycle. has been an incredibly quick and easy site to post my lessons. I have had a few weird occurrences though, for example this past Saturday would only load as a blank white page to myself and about half of my students; although we could load and see other pages. I went to a friends house and could view my page there so I don’t know if this was a issue or a local internet issue. Also for some reason my initial page in changed its address to I don’t know how this happened. I was trying to go on and couldn’t find it. I tried building it again and the address was available which was weird I ended up building a new and posting a link on the page Less

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