What's Up With the Weather?


  • Jul 24 2010 9:46 AM

    MaryRose Lovgren

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    MaryRose Lovgren

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    9-12.3.d Students know why and how earthquakes occur and the scales used to measure their intensity and magnitude.

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In this Xpeditions lesson, students pretend they're meteorologists who have been asked to give a press report explaining what is to blame for the seemingly strange weather patterns that have afflicted the country in the past few years: floods, hurricanes, blizzards, milder-than-normal winters, etc. They conduct research in preparation for making a statement to the press about the issue. Then, students imagine that their family is contemplating a move to California and has asked them to find out what the real risks of living in an earthquake-prone area are. Students research and write a report informing their family about what they should look for when shopping for a home and deciding which neighborhood to live in. Less

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    Grade: 9 to 12

    Topics: Weather, Climate & Atmosphere, Science, Earth & Space Science, History-Social Science, Geography