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Summa Theologica II-II, Question 64: On Killing


  • Aug 28 2010 11:47 AM

    John Garrett


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    Standard 7.6.8Understand the importance of the Catholic church as a political, intellectual, and aesthetic institution (e.g., founding of universities, political and spiritual roles of the clergy, creation of monastic and mendicant religious orders, preservation of the Latin language and religious texts, St. Thomas Aquinas’s synthesis of classical philosophy with Christian theology, and the concept of “natural law”).star

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This resource, from the University of Evansville's "Exploring Ancient World Cultures," features an excerpt from St. Thomas Aquinas' most significant work, "The Summa Theologica." This gigantic work attempts to present all of Christian theology as systematically as possible. This page addresses the topic of murder, killing, and suicide, and its implications for Christians.

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