Cities and Towns in Children's Literature


  • Aug 17 2010 6:17 AM

    Susanne Melton


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This resource, from Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site, is part of a collection of thematic resources for integrating children's literature into a variety of curriculum areas. This page is an excerpt from "Open Books: Literature in the Curriculum Kindergarten through Grade" by Carol Otis Hurst, and looks at cities and towns in children's literature. There are several classroom activity ideas, including taking a family survey, categorizing books, and a comparison and contrast activity that looks at things people used to do in the past versus things we do today. There is also an annotated list of books related to this theme, as well as a collection of links to related resources on this Web site and on the Internet. This page includes links to a wealth of additional children's literature resources, including professional topics, parent information, a newsletter, activity ideas, and more. Less

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