**Introduction to Batteries (updated) By Eli Jaramillo


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Battery technology starts with chemistry and the understanding
of how unlike metals in the presence of acid can create
electricity.   This is a one-hour lesson in which
students will be exposed to this basic technology.

In this lesson, students will learn basic concepts of battery
technology.  After an instructor-led discussion on battery
basics, the students will use four lemons to create a simple
battery.  Students will work in teams of two in this
instructor-led activity.  They will also have a handout for
reference.  Students will use an LED to test their new

Students will start with two lemons to simulate a 'two-cell'
battery.  They will attempt to light the LED with this
set-up.  It won't light.  They will then add two more
lemons to make it a 'four-cell' battery.  When this is done,
the LED should light.


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