**Perform a battery, starter, charging system test using the VAT-40 (updated) by Eli Jaramillo


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Overview:  Using correct go/no-go
specifications and a VAT- tester, students will load test vehicle
battery, starter and charging systems to determine if those
components meet specifications or need service or replacing.

Details:  This is a two-hour lesson in which
students will learn how to use a SUN VAT- load tester on 
vehicle battery, starter, and charging systems.  The
goal:  Instruct students on the importance of proper
diagnostics for fixed-right first-time and best customer

Understanding the proper use of a load tester such as the VAT-
is an important achievement for any automotive student.  This
lesson combines all three tests the VAT- is capable of performing
into one lesson.  Additionally, ASE test-preparation tasks
will be emphasized during this lesson.


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