Splat/Paint Spatter Art Project


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Splats/Spatters are a modern art technique used in print media
as well as stand-alone art and clothing design.  Splats have
also gained popularity in animated television advertising. 
This is a beginning to intermediate level project and can also be
used for school art fairs.

 This lesson contains:

  • PowerPoint file containing creative uses of splats; slides
    for demonstrating how to use the magic wand tool, how to save a
    selection, open, transform and change the color of
    splats/spatters and 6 examples of student work.

  • Student Lab Activity Worksheet

  • Splat Project Instruction Worksheet

  • Splat Resource Files

Time Sequence:

  • Introduction – 1-2 Minutes

  • View Sample Files – 2-3 Minutes

  • Teacher Demonstration – 5-15 Minutes

  • Guided Student Lab Activity – 15-20 Minutes

  • Student Project – 2 to 3 days

Resources Needed:

  • PowerPoint  or PowerPoint Viewer

  • Photoshop CS3 or higher

    • NOTE:  Instructions are written for the PC, indicated
      keyboard shortcuts will have to be substituted for MAC

  • Digital Camera (students will be taking digital action
    photographs of themselves)


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