Pose to Pose


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In this type of approach to animation, an action or sequence is
planned out with key frames that establish the beginning and end of
the action or sequence. Pose to pose also helps determine the flow
of the action and a characters expression. As a technique it
requires a strong sense of staging, acting, and subtle movements.
In this stage characters, attitudes and actions are much more
refined than in earlier stages. Students will look at various
examples of actions and scenes from well known and recognized
characters that made use of the the pose to pose approach. They
will also learn or extend their awareness about key frames,
breakdowns, and inbetweens. This lesson will also cover reading and
understanding timing charts which are used by lead animators in
studio production to indicate drawing positions and timing for
assistant animators and inbetweeners. This lesson will also feature
an exercise that goes over several methods for inbetweening a pose
to pose sequence,  that includes dot by dot, line by line, and
shape by shape.


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