Logo Review and Redesign for Web Design


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Logos can evoke immediate associations with companies or
specific products. Organizations and corporations use logos to
identify themselves and set up brands. A logo should be unique,
functional, and versatile. In this project, students evaluate
sample logos and discuss color theory and design principles used in
the logos. Students will plan, create, and build a logo for
use in other publications, such as business cards, menus, or
advertisements. Students review file formats, resolution, and image
size and select appropriate settings for a variety of final product

The instructor introduces the concepts of review and redesign.
Through class discussion, students define review and redesign.
Students develop class definitions and discuss steps or questions
that will help in redesigning a product or logo. Students review
their own work in reference to their goals, intentions and design
constraints. Students will complete a final/redesigned product or
logo for presentation to the class.

This is lesson 3 of 3 lessons. Lesson 1 is “Planning a
Logo for Web Design,” and Lesson 2 is "Building a Logo
Using Adobe Illustrator." 


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