Door installation (pre-hung doors)


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In this lesson the students will learn how to properly install a
pre-hung door unit. In todays construction industry more finish
carpenters and even do it your selfers prefer pre-hung door
installation to the traditional installation. Pre-hung doors come
in all shapes and sizes and are here to stay, so it is important
that the students are exposed to the techniques procedures used for
the more popular option of door installation; the pre-hung

Note: Most recently new hardware has been introduced to the
industry that makes pre-hung door installation go even faster.
These metal door jamb clips, which are an after market item
are fairly inexpensive and will not be used during this
lesson. This way the students can learn the more traditional
pre-hung door installation methods. So if they're ever presented
with the situation of having to install a pre-hung unit and
they don't have this new hardware, they will know how to do
the job using the methods learned in this lesson. At the end
of this lesson or during the Demo/Modeling section the instructor
has the option of introducing this new hardware to the
students. If the instructor does decide to introduce this hardware
to the class then he must also explain to the students why the
won't be using these clips for this lesson.


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