Entrepreneurship...Let's Start a Catering Business!


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This lesson introduces a 6 day unit on
Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry.  It works well
in our classroom, because we actually operate an on-campus catering
business, but it would still be effective as a "virtual
entrepreneurship" unit, instructing students on the
importanance of a business plan for any operation. 
Student teams will work on a rough draft of their business
plan daily, and have a full class period to create a finished
project, which they will present to the class at the end of the

The projected unit schedule:

Day 1 - (This lesson) Introduction and importance of a business
plan, rough draft of goals, objectives,  and mission

Day 2 - Create a
SWOT analysis and gather data.

Day 3 - Description of our products and services, conducting
marketing research, developing a marketing strategy and
identification of potential customers.

Day 4 -  Determine  start-up cost and operating

Day 5 - Create final draft of business plan.

Day 6 - Present plans (assessment)

Note to instructor : I usually invite a representative from our
local SBA office to spend a day speaking to my students (they're
usually eager to do so) about what their agency has to offer to
businesses, which adds one more day to the unit. . Also, I ask if
the SBA advisor can be there when they present their plans, and
enlist his/her help in grading the project - it
 increases the motivation of  the
students, knowing they well be graded by a "real-world "


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