Introduction to Blueprints


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Students will be introduced to some of the beginning concepts of
residential plan development.

They will also learn the various job descriptions of the
individuals who are mainly involved with plan development and

The students will focus on the "floor plan" and how it is used
as the principal plan "component" in a set of plans.  They
will learn introductory "language" symbols used in the floor plan
and some of the introductory terminology.  The students will
use and learn the basic drafting tools used in plan
development.  The students will see videos on construction and
understand the importance of planning. The students will spend some
time in learning and understanding "scaling" and how it is
integrated throughout the plan phase of any project.  
Computer Aided Drawing or CAD will be touched on as the primary
drawing tool used today in the construction field.

Finally,  the students will practice these concepts
completing a plan drawing project. This is approximately a 180
minute or two block schedule period exercise.



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