Concrete Surfaces ? What?s on the Outside is What Counts - Partial Lesson Depicting the Importance of the Hook Activity.


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This is only a partial lesson.  It is an example of
how a lesson should utilize the hook as a means of classroom
control and engaging all students when they enter a teacher's

This is a simple lesson that covers one 55 minute class period
to teach students the 4 major types of concrete surface selections
we traditionally use in flat-work, residential construction. We
will look at flooring, walks, decking, and decorative applications
and understand the aesthetics, function, codes, and budget
considerations that help consumers decide upon one choice over
others. The process for how these surfaces are produced is the
focus for our learning. Students will be ultimately given various
job descriptions and have to pick the two most appropriate surface
selections, a justification, and summarize the production


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    Grade: 10 to 12