Lab - planning and cooking a 3 course meal (4 of 4)


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(4-5 days) Culminating lab event where students get to make the
3 course meal that they chose during their research.  

Prior to the week of cooking, students will have planned (and
teacher will have approved) a 3 course meal that is authentic to
their country - a starter or side dish, a main dish and a dessert.
 I always remind students that it is not enough to choose 3
dishes that they think look great, but that the dishes should "go"
together flavor-wise, come from the same region if the country /
area is so diverse that is relevant, and of course budget is a
factor (halibut is too expensive, they would get whatever white
fish is in the budget if that is what they want to make).

The week before cooking week, students will turn in a lab plan
to include: tasks for each dish, who will do these tasks, how long
they project it to take, and on what day the dish will have to be
finished.  Some dishes have to be completed the day they are
consumed, which makes things  a little tricky, but I try to be
available before school and if kids can come in and work in the
adjoining kitchen classroom to get working during the period just
before them I allow that.  But for the most part, all prep and
cooking has to be done during each of the class periods prior to
"serving" day.  

Along with the lab plan, students have to turn in a shopping
list broken down by area of the store (produce, meat, frozen, etc).
 It is always interesting to see where some things pop up! I
offer extra credit the day I shop for students who meet me at the
grocery store to help me shop, and I break down the list and send
the kids off to gather their part of the list, this is always fun.
 I offer additional extra credit to those who follow me back
to school and help me unload!



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