Project Guidelines (Part 3 of 4)


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(Lesson 3 of 4 - The introduction and execution of
this part of the project will take place over 1-2 weeks depending
on what facilities are like at the library, computer lab,etc; May
also use class time for students to work on non-report parts of
the project after days in library, or have students work at

Explain Cultural Foods Project: share examples of
all components – report, map, flag, poster and pictures of
successful table settings from past classes (attach pictures,
documents, etc. here).  

The 3-course cultural meal will also be planned
during this time, with the execution taking place over a 3-5 day
span from shopping to prepping to eating. (Detailed in Lesson 4
of 4)

Hand out project guideline, have groups choose 3
countries that they would want to research for their project,
guaranteeing they will get at least one of their 3

(Teacher note: I have groups turn in a piece of paper with 3
countries listed in order of preference. Number them as they are
turned in so that the first group to request a specific country
gets it, any duplicate requests get their 2
nd or 3rd choice)

Groups break up to work among members –
divide out who will write which part of the report, they all have
to write part of it. (I have them sign next to their part on the
rough draft so I know who did what and can grade accordingly)
 There are also enough other projects - flag, map, table
setting, poster that each person can be in charge of one of those
in addition to their written part.

Announce the countries that each group will be researching,
encourage them to start researching and bring materials with them
to class in following days as we meet in the library (for next 3 -
4 days).


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