Decision Making


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This lesson introduces students to java programming concepts
of decision making.  They will learn programming
constructs like if statements, if else statements, compound
relational tests, nested if statements.  They will also use
the multipath switch structure.

Let us understand the following:

1). that codes will execute sequentially by default. 

2). More complex codes will require conditional execution. This
involves the execution of a statement or a block of code based on a
condition being met. 
If statements, if else statements, nested if else
statements, switch structure.

3). Some codes may need repetitive execution.  This is
reserved for the next lesson where we will take a deeper look at
loops in java and how the same block of code can be repeated a
given number of times. Examples of iteration include
for loops, while loops,  for … while

4). Transfer is generally regarded as poor programming style,
but it refers to where the point of execution jumps to another
point in the program.  This creates difficulty and
discontinuity in the logic of the program making it hard to
break, continue, and return.



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