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Restore Old & Damaged Photos


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In this lesson the student will learn how to repair scratches in
a color photograph using the following tools:

  • Healing Brush Tool

  • Patch Tool

  • Spot Healing Brush

  • Clone Stamp Tool

  • Blur & Burn Tools

  • How to add canvas

  • How to use Levels

Lesson is set up for lecture/demonstration, student lab practice
and an on-your-own activity.

Level:  Beginning to Intermediate

Materials:  Computer with Photoshop

The lab activity worksheet takes the student step-by-step
through the restoration process and also includes and "On Your Own"
damaged black and white photograph where the instructor can check
for understanding and mastery of the tools.

NOTES:  This lesson is designed for PC users
so appropriate keyboard shortcuts will need to be substituted for
MAC users.

The instructor should work through and practice with the
step-by-step lab instructions to acquire the knowledge for
demonstrating the techniques and being able to assist students
during the lab activity.


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