Digital Story 2: Posing 4 The Green Screen


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Students will be learning and applying various chromakeying
techniques to take pictures of pre-planned poses so that students
can eventually edit them to integrate them into their final
product, the digital storybook.


*Lesson Assumes:

  1. Students will already know how to use either cameras provided
    by the class or their own cameras.

  2. Teacher has projector and computer capable of playing video
    through to a projector.

  3. Teacher has green screen materials (a large roll of green
    butcher paper will do) and 10 free standing lights.

  4. Space available to put up green screens and outlets for
    lights (possibly register time in the gym or “free”
    classrooms – talk to teachers on prep)

  5. *Teacher, if possible, should have 5 cameras available, just
    in case students cannot afford to bring in cameras of their


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    Grade: 9 to 12