Reconnaissance of a Similar Business


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This lesson assumes the students are developing a
business plan for Virtual Enterprise or a Business Class

.  This lesson is used after students have a
tentative business for their plan.  This is a Two-day
lesson.  It will require two separate class periods
separated by a weekend (or more days).

Day 1: Setting up the research project. Students
will learn about various components and elements of a business
similar to the business they are planning. Through a simulation
activity, the students will become engaged with the concept
and value of the actual things “on the ground”
they will have to plan. They will be presented the actual steps
of the observation process through a demonstration strategy
and will also be shown examples of the process.
 They will also be given a list of suggested observation
items for their independent application. They will interact
further with the steps and each other through a practice
activity. Teacher will assess understanding through observation
during these activities and students will demonstrate
mastery through a written report.

Day 2: The Debriefing
 (may NOT require an entire class
  After teacher examples, the students will
compare their findings in small groups, noting aspects they did
not notice in their business, or forgot to record.  A few
students from each group will share with the entire class. 
The students will then write their final Reconnaissance


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