Project - Oxy-Acetylene Cutting


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This lesson is a hands-on project designed to assess the
students' skills learned during the Oxy-Fuel Cutting Unit. 
Students will be required to layout markings on a piece of steel
and then make quality cuts using the O/A Cutting process according
to specific instructions on a set of plans.  Students will be
evaluated on safety, quality of cuts, and ability to follow

It is assumed that the students have received instruction and
practice in the following areas:

  1. Oxy-Fuel Cutting safety

  2. Oxy-Fuel Cutting set up and shut down

  3. Oxy-Fuel Cutting: Straight , piercing, and bevel cuts

This project may be used as an assignment or as a test.


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    Topics and Grades

    Grade: 9 to 12

    Topics: Agriculture & Natural Resources