Ankle, foot and lower leg musculoskeletal anatomy by Fidencio Cuevas


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Students will be able to describe and identify the
musculoskeletal anatomy of the lower leg, ankle and foot using
Anatomy in Clay by Zahourek systems
( This is a lesson in
which students will construct muscles out of terra cota clay and
place them on a 2 ft. tall skeletal model. By the time this lesson
will be delivered, I would have already introduced basic concepts
and terminology using the
Anatomy in Clay method in the
Human Anatomy and Terminology unit located in this
model. Students also take notes which include the Origin, Insertion
and Action of the muslce in their interactive notebooks as
described in the Introduction to Human Anatomy and Terminology in
this model. Upon introducing a new body part we begin with a short
video clip and then proceed to the muscle building followed by
closing activity.


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