Auxiliary Views - Team Drafting


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In this lesson a team of three students will develop a fully
dimensioned multi-view drawing from an isometric drawing that will
include an auxiliary view.

The drafting team composed of three drafting students will
collaborate to complete an auxiliary drawing together.  Each
student as part of the team will draw a major view with the
associated dimensions.  One will draw orthographically the
view from where the auxiliary view will originate.  A second
student will draw a partial  view not including the sloping
surface.  The third, the major player on the team will draw
the auxiliary view which will project the true shape of the
inclined plane.  Engineering drawing is communicating
graphically.   Teamwork from the original idea, through
the development of the design and documentation of the product
through manufacturing is  based on TEAM WORK.  TIME IS OF

This lesson is based on utilizing board drafting however with
modifications CADD operations could be employed.


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