Drawing Requirements/Material Scheduels & Deadlines for the "Architectural Kitchen Design Project" (4 of 4)


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This lesson will be the last lesson in the series and
will model kitchen floor plan drawing,  kitchen elevation
detail drawings,  kitchen perspective
renderings, and the development of architectural material
schedules. The intent of this lesson is to discuss and model what
drawings are required and expected in the completion
and presentation of their
"Architectural Kitchen Design Project," 
   These drawings will be produced using
traditional drafting boards, technical sketching, AUTOCAD,
other cadd program.  Near the end of this
lesson the instructor will revisit - one last time
-  All project requirements and deadlines for the
"Architectural Kitchen Design Project." After the
completion of this 4th lesson, the students will have 1 to 2
weeks of guided practice to complete their design/research/and
proposal of their project.

This will be calendered at the end of this lesson.

Each student will be required to give a multi-media
presentation of their design to the class. This will be a formal
(as professional as possible) presentation of their
"Architectural Kitchen Design Project."


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