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In this activity, learners will decide together on a question about how far, long or high the group could reach together. For younger learners, choose something a few learners can easily test out: If we joined hands, could we circle the tree? For a medium level of challenge, pick something the whole group can test out: If we lie head to foot, could we reach across the playground? Older learners investigate by estimating: If we stood on one another?s shoulders, could we reach the top of the building? Learners make predictions based on mental calculations and estimates of size; then, if possible, they try it out. Available as a web page or downloadable pdf. Less

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    Grade: TK/K to 9

    Topics: Nature & Method of Science, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability, Positive & Negative Numbers, Estimation & Rounding, Mathematics, Number Sense, Inquiry & Problem Based Learning, Measurement & Geometry, Instructional Strategies, Professional Development, Probability, Experimentation and the Scientific Method, Measurement & Tools, Measurement, Tools, and Data Analysis, Education, Child Development & Family Services

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