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This activity combines cultural exploration with number patterns and systems. Choose a culture or historical period and have learners make a calendar for a month in that time. For more challenge, pick a country that uses different numerals, such as India or China or go back in time and make calendars for a month in ancient Mayan times, using the Mayan number system. Ask learners to compare: How are the calendars they?ve made different from the calendars we use? How are they the same? What patterns do you notice? Available as a web page and downloadable PDF. Blank calendar template is also available as a downloadable PDF. Students should be able to write numerals to 30 and have some familiarity with calendars. Less

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    Topics: California History (4th Grade), Inquiry & Problem Based Learning, Measurement & Tools, Education Materials, World History, Nature & Method of Science, Positive & Negative Numbers, Measurement, Tools, and Data Analysis, Experimentation and the Scientific Method, Types of Media, United States History, Counting & Place Values, Mathematics, Instructional Strategies, Algebra & Functions, Number Sense, Professional Development, Our Solar System, Physics

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