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Use this activity to build division and number sense into any snack time or whenever there are a limited set of things to share among a group: If we deal these out, could everyone get two pieces? five pieces? more? Predict how much everyone will get, then try it and see. For a harder variation, try to find a way to divide up the food so that there is just one item left. Available as a web page, downloadable pdf, and in Spanish.

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    Grade: TK/K to 9

    Topics: Experimentation and the Scientific Method, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Factoring, Professional Development, Education, Child Development & Family Services, Multiplication & Division, Number Sense, Career & Technical Ed, Mathematics, Positive & Negative Numbers, Inquiry & Problem Based Learning, Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation, Parts of a Whole (Fractions, Decimals & Percent), Nature & Method of Science, Counting & Place Values

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