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Learners combine counting, multiples, and number patterns with jumping up and down. To start, pick a counting number. Young learners count by 1's or 2's; older children by 5's or 10's; for more challenge, learners count by 3's, 7's, or 2.5's. Everyone takes turns saying the next number in the counting sequence and jumps whenever anyone says number ending in 0. Try adding extra actions: clap your hands on a number with a 4 in it, or hop on each odd number. Available as a web page and downloadable pdf. Students should have some counting skills. Less

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    Grade: TK/K to 9

    Topics: Mathematics, Number Sense, Multiplication & Division, Nature & Method of Science, Professional Development, Experimentation and the Scientific Method, Sports and Competition, Flexibility, Muscular Strength & Stretching Exercises, Positive & Negative Numbers, Algebra & Functions, Inquiry & Problem Based Learning, Parts of a Whole (Fractions, Decimals & Percent), Education, Child Development & Family Services, Factoring, Counting & Place Values

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