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In this 8-lesson unit students use buttons to explore logical and numerical relationships that form the conceptual basis for understanding addition and subtraction operations. Topics include counting, ordinal numbers (and relative position), classification (attributes), relationships between numbers, addition of sets, commutativity of addition, sums to 10, fact families (including subtraction), three models of subtraction ("take away", comparative, missing addend), and bar graphs. Includes student activity sheets and a link to an online graphing applet. Less

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    Grade: PS/Pre-K to 12

    Topics: Addition & Subtraction, Inquiry & Problem Based Learning, Counting & Place Values, Education, Child Development & Family Services, English-Language Arts, Organizing Data (graphs, tables, charts), Nature & Method of Science, Science, Positive & Negative Numbers, Measurement, Tools, and Data Analysis, Mathematics, Professional Development, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability, Number Sense

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