Give the Dog a Bone


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Students will work in a square number grid of 1 to 100 and learn number patterns and sequencing. Ten bones are hidden in the squares of a blank 1-100 grid. Students are given the numbers of the squares one at a time. They attempt to locate the numbers in the hundreds chart and find all 10 bones within 60 seconds. Numbers of the incorrectly guessed squares are left in place to help with the search. The game helps students understand the structure and patterns of our base-10 number system. Children can be encouraged to make use of a found bone to locate the next one. Less

Learning Registry Activity


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    Grade: PS/Pre-K to 12

    Topics: Counting & Place Values, Estimation & Rounding, Positive & Negative Numbers, Mathematics, Education, Child Development & Family Services, Number Sense, Inquiry & Problem Based Learning


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    • Interactives
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