What Does It Mean To Measure?


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In this session, students will begin to explore the questions "What can be measured?" and "What does it mean to measure something?" Students identify measurable properties of objects such as weight, surface area, and volume, and discuss which metric units are appropriate for measuring these properties. Students will also learn that measurement is, by its nature, approximate. Finally, students will consider how to make measurements using nonstandard units. This session features a number of problems for students to solve and open-ended questions to discuss, videos that demonstrate measurement techniques, and an interactive activity that asks students to construct shapes using different size triangles to foster understanding of area and perimeter. There are also nine homework problems in which students are asked to generate different measurements, graph measurements, and evaluate the appropriateness of the measurements generated using a data chart. Less

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    Grade: PS/Pre-K to 12

    Topics: Measurement & Tools, Mathematics, Area & Volume, Unit Conversions

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    • Teacher Materials
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