Graphing Equations on the Cartesian Plane: Slope


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The lesson teaches students about an important characteristic of lines: their slope. Slope can be determined either in graphical or algebraic form. Slope can also be described as positive, negative, zero, or undefined. Students get an explanation of when and how these different types of slope occur. Finally, students learn how slope relates to parallel and perpendicular lines. When two lines are parallel, they have the same slope and when they are perpendicular their slopes are negative reciprocals of one another. Prerequisite knowledge: Students must know how to graph points on the Cartesian plane. They must be familiar with the x- and y- axes on the plane in both the positive and negative directions. Less

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    Grade: 6 to 12

    Topics: Measurement, Tools, and Data Analysis, Mathematics, Professional Development, Number Sense, Coordinate Systems & Graphing, Algebra & Functions


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