Walk the Line: A Module on Linear Functions


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This module was written for a Pre-Algebra or Algebra I class in mind. It will lead students through the process of graphing data and finding a line of best fit while simultaneously exploring the characteristics of linear equations in algebraic and graphic formats. These topics are then tied back into real-world experiences in which people use linear functions. During the module, students utilize these scientific concepts to solve the following problem: You are a new researcher in a lab, and your boss has just given you your first task to analyze a set of data. It being your first assignment, you ask an undergraduate student working in your lab to help you figure it out. She responds that you must determine what the data represents and then find an equation which models the data. You determine that you will be able to determine what the data represents on your own, but you ask for further help modeling the data. In response, she says she is not completely sure how to do it, but gives a list of equations that may fit the data. This module is built around the Legacy Cycle, a format that incorporates findings from educational research on how people best learn. Less

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    Grade: 6 to 12

    Topics: Number Sense, Mathematics, Professional Development, Measurement, Tools, and Data Analysis, Coordinate Systems & Graphing, Algebra & Functions, Equations and Inequalities

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