Checkerboard Math


  • Aug 7 2010 10:16 PM

    Rita Nutsch

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In Checkerboard Math, reviewed for grades 6-8 by Illuminations, a checkerboard is used to show several aspects of mathematical operations. For instance, problem-solving is used for questions such as, "How many grains of rice would be on the last square, if the number doubled on each successive square?" This uses the concept of applying an appropriate strategy to the relationships of the numbers to answer the question. Other mathematical objectives that are used to answer different questions include, basic number counting, and patterns. This activity could be used as a warm-up activity or even as a homework activity to make sure that students grasp the concepts that were used in a particular classroom lesson on different types of problem-solving strategies. Less

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    Grade: 6 to 8

    Topics: Measurement & Geometry, Number Sense, Addition & Subtraction, Mathematics, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability


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