Batting Averages


  • Aug 7 2010 9:20 PM

    Rita Nutsch

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Reviewed for grades 6-8 by Illuminations, "Batting Averages" uses the batting averages of two National League baseball players, Joe McEwing and Mike Lieberthal of the St. Louis Cardinals, to show students how batting averages are calculated. The number of hits, at bats, and current (1999) batting average of each player is given. The activity consists of students determining which player will have the better batting average after being given new information, such as the number of hits and at bats. Therefore, students have to be able to determine how the numbers work together to be able come up with an answer of who has the best batting average. This is a good problem to allow students to be able to relate and understand how statistical information is derived. In the "Did You Know" and "Think About This" sections other uses of statistics are given, along with the use of fractions, decimals, and other tid-bits of information concerning the world of baseball. Less

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