Margo Mankus: Area Formula Lab: 6-8 Geometry


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This resource is provided by Dr. Margo Lynn Mankus from George Mason University. Formulas are often presented to students as if they dropped out of the sky. Exploring the areas of various geometric shapes provides an excellent opportunity for them to see where these formulas come from and how they are related to each other. This set of activities presents a sequence of worksheets in which students can explore the areas of shapes, using their knowledge of shapes already studied to derive additional formulas. Students are encouraged to literally use 'cut and paste' methods, cutting shapes apart and taping them back together so that they resemble shapes that are already understood. In this way, students will form a better understanding the formulas and how they work. Less

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    Grade: 6 to 8

    Topics: Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability, Number Sense, Mathematics, Measurement & Geometry, Calculus, Geometry

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